Our Purpose

The CEA is committed to starting and strengthening churches that can meet the needs of individual communities throughout the State of Kansas and be self-supporting within a reasonable period of time. >

 About Us

In 1965 the CEA of Kansas was formed to start independent, Bible-based, reproducing churches that function like the churches of the first century (free of creeds and man-made rules).>

 CEA Leadership

The CEA Board of Directors consists of representatives from supporting churches who actively oversee the following committees: Site Selection, Personnel Recruitment, and Public Relations. >

Be Part of a Start!

Resources for the work of the CEA are received from churches and individuals committed to church work in Kansas. Learn more here about becoming part of a future church plant.>

 Church Plants

The CEA identifies locations in Kansas that would benefit from a Christian church and individuals to start them. Check out a map of our CEA Kansas church plants and feel free to visit anytime!>

Connect With Us

Are you passionate about church planting? Would you like to know more about the Kansas CEA? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact a CEA Board Member today. >